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Teaching Environment

As a basic rule, the CADS student-to-instructor ratio is one-to-one. It is not unusual, however, for more than one instructor to be paired with a single student. For example, in some instances you might have one student with one instructor assisted by one or two instructor aides. This is all dependent on the individual needs of the student and their abilities and requirements.

New Instructors

First-time instructors are typically paired with another seasoned instructor until they become comfortable with teaching and working within a disability group. As much as possible, instructors work with the same student for all eight lessons to maintain consistency and build the relationship.

Instructors are required to complete a short written summary at the end of each lesson to record the student’s skill development. This is helpful not only to keep track of a student’s progress but also to let a substitute instructor know what to work on with your student in the event that you are away for a lesson.

Getting Help

If at any time during program you find yourself frustrated or are having any type of compatibility problem with your student, it’s important to talk with your group supervisor. He or she can either give you suggestions and help to remedy the situation or can make arrangements for you to work with a different student. The main goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable experience on the hill – both students¬†and¬†instructors. If you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to talk with a supervisor – they are there to help you!