Covid Update Letter

An update from Scott Darling, CADS Calgary Chair.

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing – Calgary
88 Canada Olympic Rd SW
Calgary, AB T3B 5R5

Sept 14, 2020

Dear CADS Members:

It is our goal to keep you all informed and be as transparent as possible as we move through these questionable times. We have formed a Covid Committee that will be our source for determining the different scenarios and how each will work. The committee is made up of board members, volunteers, and health care professionals to ensure that we are looking into the best scenarios for all of our members.

It is our goal to make a decision on programming in November, please note that that date is subject to change pending outcomes of Covid 19 and suggestions that we receive from our committee.

“Everything we do… we do it for you” – Bryan Adams

STAY tuned STAY connected

Scott Darling
CADS Calgary, Chair

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  1. Hey there I really do hope that we can all get to return to all the sports because of Covid 19 and I really do think that we all should have the right to return to our sports and everything that we do in our life as well and what do you think


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