COVID Update

An update from Scott Darling, CADS Calgary Chair.

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing – Calgary
88 Canada Olympic Rd SW
Calgary, AB T3B 5R5

Oct 26, 2020

Dear CADS Members:

As we know, everyone needs to be able to plan their winter season accordingly. We do have an additional COVID update in regards to this year’s program. While we don’t have all of the information yet, we hope that this helps until we have full details to share.

Here is what we do know:

  • The Board of Directors felt it was better to run the program this year, as not running the program for the 20/21 season would cause more damage than running with a modified program.
  • We will be running a CADS Calgary program with all disciplines, if possible, to not discriminate. 
  • We will have a reduced schedule as we are late on registration now, and Winsport is not organized with nights yet.  We imagine that this would affect volunteer training, not Student lesson nights.
  • Lesson nights will still run on Sundays as that is the only night that we have Winsport to ourselves, and with COVID, that will be of importance.
  • As we will be short on training days, we will not bring on new volunteers this year.  There is a possibility of taking on new volunteers but not for on-hill instruction.
  • As we do not know how many volunteers will be returning in light of COVID we will be restricted in terms of accepting new students.
  • As for registration, we are looking at doing as much online as possible. This will require a little more work for our Supervisors, but we need to do what we can to reduce contact as much as possible.
  • We have set up a COVID Committee with Thom Griffith as the Chair. Their goal is to develop plans to ensure we are safe both off and on the hill. 

Going forward it is our goal to update our members bi-weekly at a minimum. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at

STAY tuned STAY connected

Scott Darling
CADS Calgary, Chair

9 thoughts on “COVID Update”

  1. One of the bulleted points says: “We will be limited to taking on new students as we do not know how many volunteers will be returning in light of COVID.”
    Is this a typo? It seems to be saying that only new students will be accepted.
    I suspect the intention was to say that there may be significant limits on accepting new students.

    • Hi Roy – We can see your confusion, it has been reworded. Essentially we will be restricting new students from joining the program.


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