About CADS Calgary

Advancing Adaptive Snowsports

CADS Calgary is a volunteer based non-profit that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the joy of learning, participating and competing in alpine Snowsports.

Lessons take place from 6-9 on Sunday evenings from January through early March, at Winsport Canada Olympic Park.

Participants receive one on one, needs-based instruction from trained volunteers. In order to facilitate a great experience for all of our participants and volunteers, CADS invests in instructor training, as well as the research and development of adaptive equipment and teaching methodology.

Our aim is to create a safe, inclusive and fun learning environment. More than just sliding, our participants learn tangible life skills, gain confidence, and develop life long friendships!

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CADS Calgary are always looking for Participants, Volunteers and Sponsors!

CADS Alberta and CADS Canada

CADS Calgary represents one of the seven regional zones of CADS Alberta, which works in conjunction with key partners such as Alberta Sport Connection, the Government of Alberta, Snowsport resorts throughout the province and other program partners and donors.

CADS Alberta is, in turn, a part of CADS Canada, an organization that includes over 1000 members with disabilities and 2000 able-bodied volunteers.

CADS Festival

CADS Festival is a fun-filled ski weekend, held at annually at a Canadian ski resort. Top CADS instructors from across the country provide daily lessons for participants of all skill levels, while social functions and an awards banquet add to the sense of camaraderie. The festival also includes the CADS Annual General Meeting. To learn more, visit CADS Festival.

Image of a participant and volunteer involved with CADS Calgary

Governance of CADS Calgary

CADS Calgary is focused on maintaining good governance. Organizational governance within CADS Calgary is the practice of ensuring the organization conducts itself accountably, fairly and openly in all its dealings, and this is managed by a board of directors. One of the main goals of corporate governance is to ensure all CADS Calgary’s leaders are managing the conduct and finances of the organization effectively, and that they always act in the best interest of stakeholders (participants, volunteers, employees, CADS, suppliers and society generally).

Charities in Alberta have to comply with several external regulations and laws governing their conduct (including Alberta Societies Act 2000 and Alberta Corporations Act 2000). CADS Calgary is a Registered Charity within Alberta (charitable registration number: 11921-1555-RR-0001).

In addition, CADS Calgary is also affiliated with CADS National and CADS-Alberta.

CADS Calgary has its own internal governance framework, called Bylaws, which are the rules and processes for managing the conduct of the organization, and ensuring good governance. Bylaws are implemented on a day-to-day level through a Policy Manual that governs the operational requirements of CADS Calgary.

CADS Calgary is managed by a group of elected executive and non-executive directors who make sure the organization is operated in accordance with the Bylaws and any applicable regulations and laws governing organizations and charities.  Directors are voted into their roles at the Annual General Meeting by the members of CADS Calgary.

CADS Board of Directors 2021 - 2022

The CADS Board of Directors consists of a dedicated team of volunteers.
Chairperson Scott Darling chair@cadscalgary.ca
Vice Chairperson John Bowman vicechair@cadscalgary.ca
Secretary Robin Cottington secretary@cadscalgary.ca
Treasurer John Peltier treasurer@cadscalgary.ca
Past-Chair vacant pastchair@cadscalgary.ca
Ski School Director Laura Lee Crook skischool@cadscalgary.ca
Technical Committee Tony Crook teccom@cadscalgary.ca
Competition Committee Tony Crook competition@cadscalgary.ca
Equipment Committee Eldon Bushfield equipment@cadscalgary.ca
Mountain Ski Club
Registrar Jeannie Ing registrar@cadscalgary.ca
Provincial Representative Chad Hohol cadsabrep@cadscalgary.ca
Fund Development Russell Asplund fundraising@cadscalgary.ca
Fund Development Committee Brenda Smith
Comms & Marketing Jeff Helton marketing@cadscalgary.ca
Volunteer. Devt & Awards Matt Shaw volunteer@cadscalgary.ca
Member at Large Thom Griffith memberatlarge@cadscalgary.ca
Admin. Assistant info@cadscalgary.ca | 403-286-8050

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